Is Lancia Preparing for a Rally Comeback? Learn More…

Is Lancia Preparing for a Rally Comeback? Learn More…

Rumors of Lancia’s return to the world of rally racing have been circulating more frequently. While this idea may seem like wishful thinking to some, it sparks excitement among loyal fans of the Italian automaker. Imagine a scenario where Ferrari and Maserati dominate the F1 and GT classes, Alfa Romeo competes in the F2/F3 and touring car championships, and Lancia joins forces with Abarth in the World Rally Championship (WRC). While Abarth and Alfa Romeo have confirmed additional plans, Turin has consistently denied any sporting initiatives involving Lancia. Let’s delve into these speculations and explore what might be in store for Lancia’s future.

Lancia’s Potential Rally Revival

It’s no secret that Lancia has a rich history in rally racing, with legendary models like the Lancia Delta Integrale. This heritage has left fans yearning for a triumphant return to the rally stage. While there is no concrete evidence to support these rumors, the idea of Lancia’s resurgence in the WRC is undeniably appealing.

Abarth and Alfa Romeo’s Plans

Abarth, known for its high-performance versions of Fiat vehicles, and Alfa Romeo, another iconic Italian brand, are both rumored to have ambitious plans. Abarth might be eyeing a return to rally racing alongside Lancia, while Alfa Romeo is expanding its presence in various racing categories. These developments hint at a potential resurgence of Italian dominance in motorsports.

Chrysler’s Role in Lancia’s Future

Chrysler, now under the Stellantis umbrella, plays a significant role in Lancia’s future plans. In 2013, Chrysler is set to introduce a crucial model, which will also serve as a new addition to the Lancia lineup. Initially known as the Chrysler 100 for the American market, this compact hatchback will be built on the CUSW (Compact US Wide) platform, the same platform used for the Fiat Viaggio. This platform will also host new Jeep and Alfa Romeo SUVs, demonstrating Stellantis’ commitment to platform sharing.

The Mystery Surrounding the New Lancia

Despite this exciting development, many questions remain unanswered. How will the new Lancia model be positioned in the market, and what name will it carry? With the current Delta in production until 2014, it’s likely that the C-segment Lancia will receive a new name. One possibility is the revival of the iconic Fulvia nameplate, which would pay homage to Lancia’s rich history. Another option is a reimagining of the Delta, given that the new model’s length closely aligns with the current luxurious hatchback from Turin. There’s even speculation about sedan and coupe variants.

Celebrating the Lancia Delta Club’s 12th Anniversary

In other Lancia-related news, the Lancia Delta Club is celebrating its 12th anniversary this year. Founded on April 23, 2000, the club has remained entirely independent throughout its existence. This makes it the only authentic Lancia Delta Club, catering to all models. The club owes its longevity and success to the dedicated community of Lancia Delta enthusiasts. Their unwavering support, active participation in discussions, and presence at meetings have been instrumental in sustaining the club.

Gratitude to the Founders and Sponsors

The club would also like to express its gratitude to the founding members, Remco, Erik, and Michael. While Erik and Remco continue to play a vital role in the club as sponsors through, Michael’s contributions have been invaluable on the forum. Their continued involvement reflects the enduring passion for Lancia within the community.

In conclusion, while the return of Lancia to the rally world remains a tantalizing rumor, the automotive world eagerly awaits the unveiling of the new C-segment Lancia model in 2013. Until then, the Lancia Delta Club continues to thrive, thanks to the unwavering support of its dedicated members and the legacy left by its founders.